MakerDays Eindhoven.

Celebrating Professional Manufacturers and Passionate Makers

Why we believe

MakerDays has the ambition to accelerate the development of next-generation manufacturing. Our aim is to connect Manufacturers and Makers by celebrating their passion for and devotion to craftsmanship and freedom of creating the unthinkable.

MakerDays is all about people with the skills to imagine, design and create new products, systems or software. And driven by a passion for both professional manufacturing and creation. This love for creation binds them together. MakerDays wants to celebrate this bond by providing a stage for next-generation manufacturing.

What we Envision

We want to realize next-generation manufacturing by providing the Manufacturer and Maker community with a physical and a digital platform. Here they can interact and share their passion for hacking and designing new products, projects and software. Inspiring each other by crossing boundaries and pushing the community forward into future manufacturing.

It’s like Chris Anderson said in the best-selling book ‘Makers’; “Every country, to remain economically strong, must make physical products if it doesn’t want to become a nation of burger flippers and checkout clerks”. For well over a century, Eindhoven has been a hotspot for the manufacturing industry, and the heart of famous Dutch technological innovation. Building from a past with great ancestors and looking to a future with sparkling Manufacturing potential and Maker talent. MakerDays wants to prolong this heritage by continuing to build on this DNA.

What we’re going to do

During a sparkling week-long annual festival, at manufacturing heritage site ‘Strijp-S’, we’re going to organize various events for manufacturers and makers in many different areas. These include Robotics, Electronics, 3D Printing, Optics, Internet of Things and, more often than not, many more exciting new combinations. A fair for experimentation in Manufacturing and Making with promising cross-overs.

For decades the Eindhoven district Strijp-S has been the stage for professional manufacturing. It is the home of Philips and its renowned Natlab. The perfect place for connecting former, current and future Manufacturers and Makers with inspiring events. It’s our ambition to organize, on a yearly basis, both professional events on next-generation manufacturing, as well as popular making events like Maker Faires, Hackathons, Techshops, Meet the Maker and Transformers Event.